Orgill recaps a Spring Market

Facts, figures and quotes from Orgill’s Orlando convention

Orlando, Fla. –  Memphis, Tenn.-based Orgill CEO Ron Beal had this to say about the distributor’s 2019 Spring Dealer Market: “We’re excited to be back in Orlando, and thrilled to see so many of our customers at the show. We always look forward to any opportunity to help our customers make their businesses even more successful.”

The comment was included in a press release that contained several facts, figures and points of emphasis regarding the Orlando event. Among them:

  • The Dealer Market covered 1 million square feet in the Orange County Convention Center.
  • An Electrical Showcase allowed attendees to explore more than 16,000 square feet of LED lighting, smart home systems and other assortments within the category.
  • The dealer market featured two new model stores: Community Building Supply, a 5,500-square-foot store focused on contractor customers, including a special 800-square-foot tool rental area; and Four Seasons Hardware, covering 29,000 square feet and featuring several niche businesses, including a strong impulse area.

Philip Walker, senior VP of merchandising services stated in the press release: “We’re showcasing a number of displays and specialty areas to help our customers find ideas to grow their businesses. We hope they discover creative ways to merchandise their inventory and discover innovative products to offer their customers.”

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